Elbow Valley Beef has become synonymous with the supply of luxurious high end wagyu in company owned brands including Sir Harry. For enquiries please contact us and we will promptly put you in touch with our sales partners.

Sir Harry brand Wagyu beef is raised in our ‘business class’ feedlot. Fed on oranges and processed at Australian export-accredited establishments Sir Harry wagyu is sold as parts, full sets or semi-set. We supply discerning customers globally, and at home in Australia.

‘Sir Harry’ premium Wagyu – founded in history

Sir Harry Chauvel lived in the same homestead in Elbow Valley that the Shaw family occupy today – Canning Downs South.  Born in 1865 in Tabulam, NSW, Henry George Chauvel (Harry) moved to Elbow Valley in 1888. The very stables he used in 1902 to assemble the Light Horse Brigade for the Boer War still stand there today.

Sir Harry’s service in Australia

When he moved to Elbow Valley, Harry was a second lieutenant in the Upper Clarence Light Horse, a unit organized by his father who had bought Canning Downs South.  After a tour of Europe in 1889, Harry resigned from the New South Wales Military Forces and in 1890 he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Queensland Mounted Infantry.

A year later, during the shearer’s strike, Harry was given the task of leading his troops and a small detachment of Queensland Police to escort a party of strikebreakers to a station north of Charleville. A confrontation occurred between 200 mounted shearers and Harry’s troops. It is recorded that it was Harry’s communication skills that allowed this altercation to be resolved peacefully. Again in 1894, when the Australian Shearers strike occurred, Harry was appointed as a temporary inspector in the districts of Clermont and Longreach.

In 1896, Harry was transferred to the Queensland Permanent Military forces with the rank of Captain. At the outbreak of the Boer War in 1899, Harry was given command of one of the two companies of Queensland Mounted Infantry that departed for Cape Town in November 1899.

What followed was a long and distinguished career in the Boer War, World War One and World War Two. Details of his leadership and contribution to the Australian response to these military offenses are well documented.

Service around the world

Notably, Sir Harry Chauvel was appointed to command the 7th Commonwealth Light Horse which departed Brisbane in May 1902 for South Africa. The horses for this offensive were gathered at Canning Downs South and then rode to Brisbane to be shipped.

In WW1, during the Gallipoli Campaign in 1915, Sir Harry Chauvel began training his light horse brigade upon arrival in Egypt. Following heavy casualties in the early days of the Gallipoli Campaign, however, the Light Horse troops were called upon to provide 1,000 reinforcements. Sir Harry took over this critical sector in May 1915.

Finally, when WW2 was declared, Sir Harry was recalled to duty as Inspector in Chief of the Volunteer Defense Corps. He remained in duty until his death in 1945.

Qualities we carry with us

The connection between this military hero and the beef that is produced from this land today is the qualities Sir Harry displayed during his distinguished career. Qualities of hard work, dedication and a belief in what you are doing is worthwhile is what drives the production of the Sir Harry wagyu product today.

The Sir Harry brand is certainly founded in history.

Who We Are

Family owned and operated; Elbow Valley Beef sells exclusively from the Canning Downs South operation. Canning Downs South is a property and business in the picturesque Elbow Valley on the Southern Downs of Queensland. Over time other properties in Queensland and New South Wales have been added to support the business through backgrounding, breeding, and cropping operations.